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Cold Laser Therapy

Cold Laser Therapy is a non-invasive, non-burning modality. These lasers utilize infrared light, the most therapeutic wavelength of light, to safely and effectively stimulate and accelerate healing, relieve pain and increase function. The light photons act as “fuel”/energy for the cells they are directed at and impact inflammation, circulation, nerve function, the immune response and optimize muscle function.

Laser therapy is the most researched form of electrotherapy and over 3000 clinical studies have been published worldwide demonstrating cold laser as a proven method for pain relief. It has been used successfully in our clinics since 2012 in the treatment of acute and chronic conditions such as muscle strains, joint sprains, osteoarthritis, fracture healing and post-operatively. Typically, acute conditions require 4-6 treatments, while chronic conditions may require up to 12 treatments.

In order to receive Cold Laser Therapy, you must have a chiropractic assessment to determine if it is appropriate for your condition.