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Studio Rejuvenate

NEW 5/2020:  TOUCHLESS PAYMENTS. We now can invoice you by email through PayPal either before or after your session. You may still pay with the same cards that you have been using and you don't have to have a PayPal account to pay using this secure method. And yes, you may include a gratuity with this payment method.


Please note that we accept all major credit cards, debit cards, checks, and cash. You may also use any of these methods to leave a gratuity (tip).


*** Best Deal***  - MLC   (Massage Lover's Club)

1 year membership gets you GREAT discounted massages! All the massages you can handle at rates you can afford (see below)!  ONLY…………..$ 99



Massage (Swedish, Deep Tissue, Prenatal*, Lymphatic, Foot)


30 minutes                    $45                 Members     $22.50

45 minutes                     $60                Members     $30

60 minutes                     $75                Members     $37.50

75 minutes                     $90                Members     $45

90 minutes                     $100              Members      $50

120 minutes                   $130              Members      $65

Add Hot Stones               $15               Members      $7.50

Add Aromatherapy           $15               Members      $7.50

Add Kinesiology Taping    $10               Members      $5

Chair Massage **     $1/minute     Members      $.50/minute 


*Pre-Natal Massages require prior approval from the Mother's Obstetrician/Pregnancy Provider for massage.

** Minimum of 15 minutes




30 minutes              $40                 Members     $20

60 minutes              $60                 Members     $30


Outcalls – Please contact the office for a quote. Typically, in addition to the charge for the massage itself, travel time for the therapist and mileage are included in the quote. 


For Skin Care information, please see our Skin Care Services tab!