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Labyrinth Massage Therapy

Massage Styles

Get the perfect massage for you

Deep Tissue

Often misunderstood, or misrepresented, deep tissue is not a full body mauling but a carefully applied tool to release specific areas of holding. It is thoughtfully applied where needed, looking for areas that pull the body out of alignment, focusing first on the fascial layers, movement around the joints, then down through the different layers of muscles until the area is released. It is generally used to increase mobility and range of motion, improve posture, decrease pain, aid in the treatment of fascial adhesions, softening of scar tissue, and releasing of trigger points in the muscle; also known as "knots".  If done correctly by properly warming up the muscles and working through the layers of tissues, it generally is not painful, nor should it create bruises.  Most clients experience a sensation of pressure, stretch and release.

It is often a process of stripping back physical and metaphorical layers in the body to release and change old patterns in the muscle and connective tissues. By tuning in and working with the body, it "allows" me into the deeper tissues, literally sinking in through the layers instead of forcing through your muscle's resistance to get there.  The results are that I am able to get permanent results faster without creating pain or inflammation because your body is not on guard but part of the process.  


Zen Relaxation

Need a little time just for you?  Imagine soft lighting, a table warmed and ready with fresh cotton sheets, gentle background soundscapes and warm, knowing hands kneading away the day's stress.  There is nobody to please, no judgements, no expectations.  Just the rise and fall of your breath, the easing away from your busy, stressful life . . .  just to float awhile in your own Zen space.  After which, a while later when you feel renewed,  you emerge ready to face whatever may come your way.  



Have you experienced a physical trauma?  Motor vehicle accident, or maybe you were injured at work?  Perhaps you have an old hockey, golf or tennis injury that never really healed and has always nagged you?  This style of massage is very goal oriented.  I will work closely with you to devise a treatment plan and check in at each session and tweak the plan until we get results.  I will assign homework for you to do between sessions, be it stretches, strengthening exercises or heat and ice packs. I am happy to work with other health providers on your team to get you the best results!



Albeit not necessarily a style of massage, pregnancy massage is more focused on the comfort of mom to-be, and any precautions that may need to be followed to keep mom and baby safe.  I like to use a special pregnancy pillow designed with a cut out to nestle and support the uterus. This allows mom to comfortably and safely lie on her tummy for massage, especially while working on the back.  Some mom's to-be enjoy lying on their side with lots of pillows for support, and that is just fine too!  Common complaints seen during pregnancy are sciatica, ligament pain, low back pain, restless legs, rib pain and carpal tunnel syndrome.  Post natal care is highly beneficial for mom as well, as the hard work and demands on the body during labor can leave a new mom with aches and pains, especially in the low back and hip area.